Are you a smoker interested in switching to a new product?

Sign-up to participate in a clinical research study to see if taking a combination of zonisamide and bupropion helps you switch to using only an e-cigarette.

We're looking for volunteers who are...
• Between the age of 22-65
• Desire to switch to an e-cigarette
• Willingness to take study medications as directed
• Currently smoke 10 or more cigarettes per day
• Able to pass a urine drug test
• No current serious medical conditions
• No use of other tobacco products in the last 14 days

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Volunteer information will be reviewed by our team and you will be contacted for this study and your interest in future studies.

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What are the benefits to participating in this Clinical Trial?
Gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available and potentially switch to an e-cigarette.

Most authorities on the health effects of smoking, including the U.S. Surgeon General, conclude that most of the diseases caused by smoking are due to inhaling combustion products in smoke. Nicotine, while addictive, is not generally believed to cause cancers associated with smoking, and overall is much less harmful than the complex mixture of toxic byproducts of burning tobacco.
What are the risks to participating in a Clinical Trial?
Side effects will differ from study to study, you will be informed of any expected side effects when you come in for your first visit as well as in the consent form.
How long with the Clinical Trial last?
Your participation in this study will last 13-14 weeks and will include 7 visits to the study center.
Will I receive compensation for my participation?
Yes. If you come to all your visits and complete all your questionnaires you will earn as much as $1,400.

Additionally, we hope you are able to switch to an e-cigarette.
Do I need to ask my regular doctor before I can participate in a research study?
Not unless you want to.
You may want to share with them that you will be taking zonisamide and bupropion to potentially help you switch to an e-cigarette. Your doctor may wish to contact our study doctor (with your permission) to request additional information.
What is informed consent?
The informed consent process provides you with the information required to ensure you make an informed decision about participation in the clinical research study. This process will:

  • Help you to understand the information
  • Give you an opportunity to ask questions and to consider whether to participate
  • Obtain your voluntary agreement to participate
  • Continue to provide information as the clinical research study progresses

Before participating, we will take you through a written Informed Consent Form (ICF) that outlines the important information to consider before joining the study. The study doctor will go through this document with you and answer any questions you may have. This document provides details of the study, such as study expectations, duration, and what you will need to do. All known possible risks and potential benefits are also explained in the ICF.

After you have read and discussed all of the information about the study, you can decide whether or not to sign the consent form. This consent form is not a contract and you are always free to leave the study at any time and for any reason, with no penalty to you. Additionally, during your participation, the study doctor will let you know in a timely manner of any information that may change your mind about participating.
Why should I participate?
Participants may gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available.

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Fill out our form below for more information. Participant information is maintained in a volunteer database system and retained for this study and future studies as they become available. You can opt-out at any time. Pertinent information is confidentially kept on file to aid in selecting highly qualified candidates for research studies.

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